Dawn - Baker, Founder

This creative soul brings a lot of love and an eye for aesthetics to everything she does. She started the bakery after discovering the process of bread making was not only physically therapeutic, but emotionally healing as well, for herself and others.

When she's not working the ovens, you can find her tilling soil in her garden, adventuring outside with her curious mini superhero, or caring for her furry, scaly and feathered family members. 

"That's the beauty of what nurturing and loving care through food tastes like; whether its mental or emotional or truly scientific in your taste buds... things always taste better when it comes from a source of love." - Christina Tosi

Dylan - Baker and Business Development

This modern day MacGyver offers efficiency in spades, creating simplified methods for our production and route mapping. 

He's a savant with the dough scale, and keeps an eye for consistency, ensuring loaves are looking their best! When he's not using his laser focus on bread, he's keen to apply that energy into remodeling his home around a much loved mid-century modern aesthetic, and indoor greenhouse. Even keeled and free spirited like the jazz he loves, Dylan brings a steady heart to all he does. 

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Super Sia - Bakery Boss

This superhero works overtime to make sure a fun time is had by all, from the time we source our flour to the delivery of finished loaves. She brings giggles and a critical pallet to the table with a knack for suggesting unique flavor combinations!

She's a full time backyard chicken farmer, avid gardener and intrepid explorer of local parks. Keep your eye on our delivery bags for some personalized art from this talented super kid.  

Derek - Logistics

This MS Excel whiz streamlined ordering and delivery for our bakery! You might catch his smiling face and friendly banter delivering bread to your door in stealth mode.

Whether he's exploring the earthly planes with his DND crew, healing his friends in the fight against the warriors of darkness, or delivering beloved carbs; supporting those around him is what he enjoys most. 

Carli - Tech

​This tech titan keeps our gears and social media running smoothly! You'll catch her friendly banter replying to order emails and helping troubleshoot communication and web inquiries.

An avid baker and culinary whiz herself, she is a modern renaissance-woman; photographer, writer, chef, crafter and Australian shepherd fanatic. 

...and if she looks familiar- its because she is! Family, that is! Dawn and Carli share more than sisterhood- they're best friends with a deep love for taking care of people. 

Tikka and Juki - Motivation and Morale